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New York Trip – Part 1

“When you were born, you were crying and everyone else around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re smiling and everyone else is crying”

New York trip was definitely a success! We covered so many places in very little time, thanks to NY’s fine subway system. It was an experience for all of us since it was our first time in NY. One thing I noticed is that people don’t follow street signs. Green means walk, yellow means walk faster and red means Run! lol. Oh, and New Yorkers are really friendly!

Day 1:
– Still in Burbank, we arrived at the Burbank airport at 6am. Ate a breakfast burrito and boarded the plane.
– Sat in the back of the plane but couldn’t sleep. We were too excited to fall asleep so we made noises and kept ordering food and beverages. The flight attendant kept asking us if we needed anything else since every time she walks by we ask for something. haha

– Finally arrived at the airport and got a cab to our hotel (Hotel Hemsley NY on 42nd and 3rd). We each had our own bed to be comfortable and we are thankful that we did.
– It was around 30 degrees and a little windy.
– The hotel is newly renovated and the staff were really friendly.

– Walked to Time Square and ate at Brooklyn Diner. That placed sucked! It was expensive too.
– We decided to walk back to our hotel to get some rest so we can hit up a few bars.
– Woke up around 10:30 and got ready. Me and Myson tried to call Andrew but he fell asleep. So we decided to go to a bar nearby.
– Went to a bar called “Flannagans” – not sure if that’s how it’s spelled. We had a good time. Bar tender gave us a shot of Red Label…
– Got hungry and looked for places to eat but everything was closed.
– We ended up at Wendy’s. haha..
– And we saw steam coming out of the man hole. lol.. Things we see in movies! Yey!

Here’s a link to the NY pics. I haven’t uploaded everything as I needed to edit every single one of them. I took about a thousand pics 🙁 So keep checking my blog.

New York Trip – Part 1