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New York Trip – Part 3

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

So I finally finished editing the pictures from the NY trip. I think I spent about 10 hours editing those pics or maybe less, lol.

Day 3:
– Woke up and it was still snowing. 
– Got ready, put plastic bags in our shoes…lol. Ghetto but it works! (We couldn’t find rainboots for men! They all had pattern on them. I was going to get the Zebra patterned boots but the lady wouldn’t sell it to me :(.. haha) – Went to Starbucks to get our daily caffeine fix.
– We started looking for a place to eat nearby our hotel and found a Thai restaurant.
– The food wasn’t that good.. I still liked the Thai restaurants here in LA.
– After eating, we started walking towards 5th Avenue and it is freezing!
– I really got shutter happy this day and took a lot of pics! There was so much stuff to to see!
– Then we got a call from Vince and he invited us over to his place. (He lives with his gf, Cindy… Thank you guys for showing us around town.)
– His place is nice! You can see Central park, Jersey and Time Square from his rooftop.
– Went to Central Park and just walked around to see the beautiful scenery.
– I took a couple of panoramic shots of Central park (I posted them in Part 1)
– After about an hour, our hands were freezing and we needed to go somewhere to keep us warm.
– Cindy and Vince decided to take us to Angelo’s Pizza. The best pizza i’ve ever had!
– We didn’t want to eat a lot since we are also meeting my friend’s cousin for Dinner at 9. We finished eating around 8. lol.
– Walked to Broadway and something.. Close to Radio City.
– After walking for 30 minutes, a plate of food doesn’t sound so bad.
– We met up with Amy, Marc and their beautiful daughter Trinity.
– Went to a Brazilian restaurant and stayed there for about an hour or so, then we decided to have some dessert.
– On our way to the place to get dessert, we walked on Broadway and saw this guy with a bunch of girls taking pictures with him. I didn’t know who he was but for some reason, the little girl in me started screaming and my man body didn’t know how to react but to approach him a take a pic with him!. LOL. I found out later that it was Corbin Bleu, a star from High School Musical. I gave him an excuse that it was for my sister but the truth is…. it was for the little girl in me. LMAO.
– Myson and Andrew got jealous so they both decided to take a pic with him.. I guess everyman has a little girl in them screaming to get out. lol
– Back to my story…. after walking 10 blocks we finally ended up at the place. (it was on 3rd and 36th i think?)
– I got a slice of a very chocolaty chocolate cake! I couldn’t finish it and I was feeling guilty eating it. lol
– By this time, I think it was already 1am so we all decided to call it a night.
– Walked back to our hotel and rested…. ahhh, what a day… ZZZzzzzz….

Check back soon, I have 2 more days to cover.

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New York Trip – Part 2