New York Trip – Part 5 (Last part)

“If you’re always thinking about the things you could do or would do then you’re not actually doing the doing. So stop thinking and start doing! Disappointment can only come from thinking about what you could or would do! Live, dream and most importantly DO.”

Our trip has finally ended! It has been a good 5 days away from work and away from everything else. Experiencing the east coast weather was definitely the highlight of our entire trip. Snow, rain, cold, coffee, wet socks, food, etc… were the words that constantly came out of our mouth! But everything was definitely worth it! New York, you’ve been good to us! We will definitely come back and visit soon but only after I finish planning my trips for this year… but then again, plans always change, so we’ll see…

Day 5 – February 28, 2010
– Woke up late!!! We got up around noon and we were supposed to get up around 8am so we can at least visit the Empire State Building.
– We got ready really fast and skipped the Empire State Building and went straight to the Grand Central to meet our friends Cindy and Vince.
– Destination…. Little Italy!
– We got lost and so we walked an extra mile to get to our destination.
– After walking for 30 mins, we finally met with our friends.
– They showed us around Little Italy. I noticed that Italian restaurants have “sales” man standing outside their doors to bring in customers. Some of them are really entertaining.. One of them should seriously consider stand up comedy! I forgot his jokes but he made me laugh….but then again, I’m a happy person and I laugh at everything 🙂
– The time is already 2:00PM and our flight is at 6:15… We really need to rush and find a good place to eat!
– Cindy took her iPhone searched for nearby restaurants and sorted it by ratings! She found a place that’s 2 blocks away from our current location. *Clicked Navigate* iPhone GPS started to direct us to the place…
– Found the place and quickly ordered so we can move on to other places…
– The food was delicious! I ordered some green pasta.. I forgot what they’re called but it was good! umm umm…good..
– After an hour, I suggested that we have some Gelato…. so we had to walk about 4 blocks to go to this really good bakery/ice cream place.
– Ordered our Gelato and started walking towards Lombardi’s pizza.
– DId I mention that the weather that day was cloudy and in the high 20’s? oh and with a little bit of wind, maybe 10mph.
– After walking a couple of blocks, I started getting cold and my hands were starting to get numb. But I did not want to throw away my Gelato!… in short, I finished it but my body started shaking!… “My mind was telling me No….but my body….my body was telling me yes!!!” – I don’t know why I started singing that song in my head.. lol. For those of you that are lost in the sauce like a meatball… that was R Kelly. lol
– We finally got to Lombardi’s and got seated right away…Ordered our pizza and waited…
– after 5 minutes, our orders came but I wasn’t really that excited to eat the pizza since we just ate.. It has only been 30 minutes since our last meal! lol.. but somebody wanted to eat at Lombardi’s *cough*myson*cough*… I can’t mention his name but *cough*myson*cough*. lol.. I’m kidding dude, we all wanted to try it! haha
– After 20 mins, we decided that we needed to get back to our hotel so we can head to the airport.
– We said our goodbyes to our friends.. Cindy and Vince, take you guys for taking your time out of your busy schedules to take us out! We enjoyed your company and we hope to visit you guys soon! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almendras brothers for making this trip possible. They arranged everything from booking the plane ticket and hotel reservations to our daily itinerary. Thanks guys!.. *sniff sniff* haha.
– The time is now 5PM and we just got back to the hotel to gather our luggage.
– Got in the cab and asked the driver to take us to airport as quickly as possible.
– Our driver was Haitian and he was very entertaining! He had all kinds of story from when he was single to the time of his marriage. He gave us lessons about women. He basically said that the longer you are married, the less time you spend time talking. haha. He said that women always win the argument! He reminded me of something that Chris Rock had said from one of his shows. – Chris Rock talking about Married life. LMAO. See below

Anyway, LOL.. Let me finish what I was saying…

– Finally got to the airport and checked in…
– Waited for 10 mins and boarded the plane.. Our flight is about 6 hours! sigh….
– 2 hours on the flight, I heard somebody snoring… I looked back and it was Edgar. LMAO… IT WAS FREAKIN’ LOUD!
– Landed in Burbank and went home :(… ahhhh.. what a fun trip!

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