Finally! I am back! Those of you who followed my other blog (, I stopped updating it 7 months ago and 4 months prior to that. But that didn’t mean that I stopped taking pictures. In fact, I now have 14k + actuation on my camera! That’s right, after a year and 1 month of having my camera, I took that many pictures and I’m not even a pro!

Well, after 7 months hiatus, I have started a new website and a new blog. My site remain as JMEphotography; However, that domain name is taken and I didn’t want to purchase a .net domain. So before ending up with this name, I thought about JMEphotos, JMEFotos, JMEPhotographique, etc. But none of them sounded simple yet classy. When I hear the word classy, I think of James Bond and French this, French that! So, I sat down in front of my computer and went to Google translate and typed photography – Italian – Fotograpia, Spanish – Fotografía, Portuguese – Fotograpia, and finally, French – Photographie. I liked it! Headed to 1and1 webhosting and entered, – It’s available! I immediately registered to secure the name since I was afraid that I would have to pick another name. So now, I am done…. at least with the domain name and the blog.

I will be traveling again in the near future so keep coming back to this site for new photos.

In the meantime, click on the link below to view a slideshow of my favorite pictures. I hope these pictures help inspire you to also take pictures. First things first, do not take pictures when the sun is at it’s highest. Meaning, noon time! The best hours to take photos are during the “golden hours”. The golden hours are 1 hour before  and after sunrise and 1 hour before and after sunset. This gives you that nice golden color in your picture. That’s it for now.


Crocker Club – Michelle’s Birthday Celebration

“When you were born, you were crying and everyone else around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re smiling and everyone else is crying.”
The Crocker Club is located in the basement of the former Crocker Citizens National Bank building in the corner of Spring St. and 5th St. This place reminds me of those old gangster movies. 
I usually write a lot of stuff but I don’t feel like writing today. I just went through 400+ pics and edited 146. 
Most of the pictures were repeats and some of them were blurry! If there’s alcohol present, expect some of the pics to be a little bit blurry and if your friends get a hold of your camera, expect to see some photos that umm… yeah. haha. 
The Crocker Club definitely challenged me in getting the right camera settings. This place is dark!!!! But I am glad the pictures came out nicely and not over/under exposed. 
 Click on the album below to see the rest of the pictures in higher resolution:

Crocker Club – Michelle’s Bday

Wine Tasting @ Solvang, CA

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”


I figured I’d start with a quote since yesterday was Valentine’s day. 🙂 The last time I went to Solvang was 7 years ago, nothing really changed in that little village except for maybe the ridiculously priced cookies!!! $3 each for a cookie that is a little bit bigger than a fortune cookie!!!

I don’t drink wine but I really enjoyed wine tasting on Saturday. It wasn’t the wine that I really enjoyed, it was the company of friends that I really enjoyed (awwww…). It doesn’t really matter where we go, as long as I am with my friends, I am happy. — I have a toothache now… this is so sweet.. haha..

Sometimes when I’m bored, I send my friends text messages that goes like this:
Me: Knock Knock
Them: Who’s there?
Me: It’s me…your friend, John.. I just wanted to let you know that i’ll always be here for you. LMAO.

Click the link below to view my album

Wine Tasting @ Solvang

The pictures below are the ones that I really like:

Studio Session Part 2

We had another studio session last night and when I say studio session, I meant they went recording and I was only there to support and record videos haha.  The good news is that we finally got all the pieces together for two important videos; The introduction of the artists and their first music video “Never Get Me Back”.

Anyways, here’s the video. I hope you all like it.

Keep checking the blog for more updates. I should have the video completed by this weekend.

Also, I will be going out of town this weekend and I never leave without my camera. Pictures will definitely be posted, so keep checking!

Studio Session

I was finally able to play around with my new camera and recorded a few videos yesterday. We started filming some footage for their new song “Never Get Me Back” with Marcelo, Wynn and BDB but I’m not posting anything until I have Wynn’s part. We are meeting again on Thursday to finalize the video shoot for the song. But before we go in to making music videos, I figured they should talk about why they’re doing what they’re doing, how long they’ve been doing it, and what can they do to help others who want to be in the music industry.

We put our creative talents together and make music… This is an opportunity to open up new doors to our crew… We’re not tryin’ to work 9 to 5 jobs for the rest of our lives” – Marcelo

“If you put a bunch of creative people all together, stuff like this happens…. We express ourselves with these beats, with these rhymes… If you want something, you gotta get out there and do something… it ain’t gonna come to you” – Bryan “BDB”

My computer was having some problems yesterday so I couldn’t really edit the videos the way I wanted them. I wanted to put more effects and have smoother transition but I didn’t have time. Anway, here’s a video of what came out of the session yesterday.

*Click fullscreen and choose 720p to view in HD*

We also did a commercial shoot for Dino’s Pizza (without their knowledge).. LOL.
I will be editing them tonight and will post later when I get home from work.