Photoshop – Before/After

Some have asked if the picture above was photoshopped or if it was taken in front of a mural of Optimus Prime in Arizona (I don’t think that exists). So to answer the question, this was actually photoshopped and it’s composed of 3 photos: Optimus Prime (left), Robot Hand (bottom right) and a Plane (upper right). I also added the lens flare coming from behind the plane (i believe it was 105mm Prime Lens flare).

Here’s the picture before the edits:


Random Night

A few nights ago, my friend Richard stopped by my house to show me his new Canon DSLR. He is also getting into photography and wanted to get the most out of his camera rather than just shooting in “auto” mode and the other camera presets. He also wanted to try out other lenses, particularly the 50mm. (by the way, I am trying to convince him to buy the 50mm since it is very inexpensive and can do a lot of things)

Coincidentally, he had his 9mm gun in his bag so we decided to take pictures with it. I’ve always wanted to create a “poster” like image so I thought I’d try it. I picked up my D40 with the 50mm and started shooting away.

I am going to show you two pictures with before and after photoshop edits.


And here’s another shot.