Filters – Why do we use them?

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.
– Mohandas K. Gandhi

Filter is a must! Some might argue with me that filters diminishes the quality of your photo and I agree to some degree. However, it is only noticeable when you are more than 100% zoomed in! It is not really noticeable unless you are shooting directly at the sun or a light source that is huge enough to create glare. Other than that, you can’t really tell the difference.

I use a UV filter to provide extra protection to the front of my lens (water, dust, scratches, etc). Filters are cheaper to replace than lenses! I’d rather spend $50 on a filter than replace my entire lens for $1,000.

These pictures were taken at Salton Sea using a circular polarizer:

To show and demonstrate different types of filters and how they work, please watch the video provided below:


I hope you learned something.

San Diego County Fair

Some of these shots were taken using a Nikon 12-24 F4 lens with a shutter speed from 1/10th to 4 seconds.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Salton Sea

Salton Sea

This place is beautiful weird. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you visit! From Wikipedia: ”

The Salton Sea is a saline, endorheic rift lake located directly on the San Andreas Fault predominantly in California’s Imperial Valley. The lake occupies the lowest elevations of the Salton Sink in the Colorado Desert of Imperial and Riverside Counties in Southern California. Like Death Valley, it is below sea level; currently, its surface is 226 ft (69 m) below sea level. The deepest area of the sea is 5 ft (1.5 m) higher than the lowest point of Death Valley. The sea is fed by the New, Whitewater, and Alamo rivers, as well as agricultural runoff drainage systems and creeks.

The lake covers about 376 sq mi (970 km2), 241,000+/- acres, making it the largest in California. While it varies in dimensions and area with changes in agricultural runoff and rain, it averages 15 mi (24 km) by 35 mi (56 km), with a maximum depth of 52 ft (16 m), giving a total volume of about 7,500,000 acre·ft (9.25 km3), and annual inflows averaging 1,360,000 acre·ft (1.68 km3). The lake’s salinity, about 44 g/L, is greater than the waters of the Pacific Ocean (35 g/L), but less than that of the Great Salt Lake; the concentration is increasing by about 1 percent annually.

Anyway, the sunset here is spectacular! I’ve never seen anything like it before and the sea meets the water and it constantly changes colors from purple to pink to red to blue to orange, you name it! If you’re ever in that area, stop by and you will see what I mean. It’s a photographer’s heaven!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

TramPalm Springs

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the largest rotating tramcar in the world. It takes 10 minutes to get to the Mountain Station (8,500+ft elevation) from the Valley Station (2,600+ft elevation). They say on a clear day, you can see the view of the Catalina Island and the light beam of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas on a clear night. Too bad, the mountain was full of snow and they closed some of the trails. The mountain station offers a spectacular view of the Palm Springs valley. The weather in the mountain is about 30 degrees less than the valley.

If you want to get away and experience something new, head to Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and enjoy a day hike or book a dinner reservation and enjoy the view.


Finally! I am back! Those of you who followed my other blog (, I stopped updating it 7 months ago and 4 months prior to that. But that didn’t mean that I stopped taking pictures. In fact, I now have 14k + actuation on my camera! That’s right, after a year and 1 month of having my camera, I took that many pictures and I’m not even a pro!

Well, after 7 months hiatus, I have started a new website and a new blog. My site remain as JMEphotography; However, that domain name is taken and I didn’t want to purchase a .net domain. So before ending up with this name, I thought about JMEphotos, JMEFotos, JMEPhotographique, etc. But none of them sounded simple yet classy. When I hear the word classy, I think of James Bond and French this, French that! So, I sat down in front of my computer and went to Google translate and typed photography – Italian – Fotograpia, Spanish – Fotografía, Portuguese – Fotograpia, and finally, French – Photographie. I liked it! Headed to 1and1 webhosting and entered, – It’s available! I immediately registered to secure the name since I was afraid that I would have to pick another name. So now, I am done…. at least with the domain name and the blog.

I will be traveling again in the near future so keep coming back to this site for new photos.

In the meantime, click on the link below to view a slideshow of my favorite pictures. I hope these pictures help inspire you to also take pictures. First things first, do not take pictures when the sun is at it’s highest. Meaning, noon time! The best hours to take photos are during the “golden hours”. The golden hours are 1 hour before  and after sunrise and 1 hour before and after sunset. This gives you that nice golden color in your picture. That’s it for now.


Oregon Trip

“If you show somebody their future, they’ll have no future.
You take away the mystery, you take away hope.
Wow, it’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been really busy with other things that I didn’t get a chance to update my blog. I guess that only tells one thing… I spent less time in front of the computer and more  outdoors. That’s right!!! It’s summer! The sun doesn’t set until 8:30PM, I will take advantage of the sun as much as I can. Well, let me start talking about my trip to Oregon. If I were to describe Oregon in one word in the month of March, I would say….”FREEZING”. But I enjoyed it since I don’t really get to experience 12inches of snow and zero degrees temperature. 
I am not sure if I can remember every single detail that happened during the trip but I’ll try my best. The trip was scheduled from March 30 – April 3. The night of March 28th, I looked in the mirror and had the urge to shave my head. I stared in the mirror for a few minutes and finally opened the cabinet, grabbed the hair clipper, a mirror and began cutting my hair. But of course, something had to go wrong!!! I couldn’t line up the back of my head. Here’s the bad news, the bad news is that the time was around 10:30PM. The barbershops were all closed! The good news is… I just saved a bunch of money by switching over to Geico! LOL.. Here’s the real good news, my friend Jeff was still awake and he agreed to fix my hair! So I drove to his place so he could fix my hair. It looked really nice except I looked like a thug from the projects. Even I got scared! LOL. But that’s not the point of this blog, so I’ll stop talking about my hair and begin talking about my trip.
– The night of March 29, Richard and I drove up to San Francisco.. Okay, I’m not gonna lie, he drove! lol. 
– We left at midnight and arrive at his brother’s apartment around 7AM. We had a few stops.
– We rested for about an hour and got in the car and off to Oregon.
– The drive was about 7 hours but I slept most of the time.
– We got a little lost but after about 30 minutes, we finally found the place we were staying. I forgot the name but it’s something that ends with Creek. lol
– We started unloading and we decided to checkout the little restaurant across the street from the cabin. Their pies were amazing! Richard had Boysenberry pie (He got it because it started with Boy. LMAO)
– We checked out the creeks around the cabin. I felt at home! Lots and lots of trees! I like the great outdoors so I really feel relaxed when I’m outside surrounded by trees. 
– After about an hour, we decided to head back to our cabin. 
– Our cabin had no cellphone reception! No Internet! at least most of the time!
– The next day, we decided to go snowmobiling. I’ve never been on a snow mobile so this was really fun!
– At first, the guy renting out the snow mobiles didn’t want to rent it to us since it’s a bit dangerous. The weather was unpredictable and the snow was really thick and mostly powder. He was scared that we might end up in the lake. So he told us that the only way he’ll rent out the snowmobiles was that if we had a tour guide. So we all agreed since we were already there and wanted to get on a snowmobile. 
– Our tour was about 3 hours, I think. I can’t remember but I know it was pretty long! (that’s what she said!. lol)
– Our tour guide was really good! He allowed us to free play in the meadow for about 40 minutes. He also let us borrow his snowmobile. That thing hauls! I went all the way up to 50mph. I was scared to go any faster since it felt like I was going 100mph. The snowmobile can go up to 120mph.
Here are the pics of our snowmobiling adventure!

Oregon Snow Fun

This is getting pretty long so I’ll have a part 2 of this trip 🙂

See What’s Coming!

“We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered. “
– Tom Stoppard

I am finally back in town and let me tell you… I had an awesome trip! I thought I was going to get sick since I went from sunny Arizona to blistering cold Oregon. If you think that the panoramic picture of Crater Lake above is beautiful, imagine standing on the crater and looking at the view with the cold wind blowing on your face and a little bit of snow fall… and most of all, it is a very quiet place. Not so much when we were there though. haha. Snow shoeing was definitely fun! but that’s not the highlight of the trip. The best part was getting on the snow mobile and letting it loose and go as fast at 65mph. I will tell you the rest of the story when I upload those pics.

I have taken so many pictures and I really need to find time to edit those and share them with you. We also stopped by San Francisco for two nights and I had an opportunity to take pictures of the city and the Bay Bridge.

Here’s a picture of the city at night!

Check back in a few days! I should have the rest of the pictures uploaded!

Lake Havasu

We all tend to trust things that are known let downs.

We trust consuming manufactured products with unknown ingredients. We trust the consumption of beef when cows have been known to go mad, pork and chicken when facts support influenza.

We trust to live by the letter of the good book (bible) that has all along been written by men of historical failures, swearing that their influences are heavily supported. We trust that a baby’s breath doesn’t stink. We trust our world leaders to not let us down when they’re only human just as we are. We trust in our hopes and doubt our faith.

We trust animals of the wild to be our pet. We trust the boarding of an aircraft to soar the skies or the engine in a car fueled by an explosive product. We trust the air we breath, being polluted daily by factories creating more things for us to trust in. We trust doctors to make the right diagnosis or the surgeon to have a steady hand. We trust medicine. We trust electricity but fear lightening.

Believe in yourself and all your capabilities and abilities. Believe in YOU!”

One thing we tend not to trust in is ourselves. I encourage you to TRUST in YOU. Each of us was born with a gift of trust and trust coming from yourself is a sure guarantee. Believe in you and all your abilities. Trust yourself without thought or doubt, just trust in you.
My friends and I went to Lake Havasu in Arizona for the weekend. It was our second visit and I think we had more fun this year than last year. First, we didn’t crash a jet ski.. Second, there were more of us.. Third, we found out that the casino sells Corona’s for $2.75!!!!.. That’s right!!! $2.75!
I will be going to Oregon this week to see one of the world’s clearest lake, Crater Lake. I will bring my camera with me so check next week for the pics from my trip. 
I took plenty of pics from my trip this past weekend but I will not be able to upload them until next week so check back soon. 
In the mean time, click on the links below for a little history lesson on:
Here’s another view of the London Bridge:

Las Vegas

“Truth: You can bend it and twist it…You can misuse and abuse it…But you can never change it! “

It’s been a while since I’ve taken pictures of the hotels in Las Vegas so I decided to bring my camera on my last trip (about 2 weeks ago). I didn’t get to walk around to take pics of all of the hotels so I only have a few from Bellagio, Mandarin Bar (part of the new City Center), Aria, and Paris.

This cocktail drink has 24k gold sprinkled on it: 

At Bellagio:

Here’s a link to the album:

Las Vegas 2010

New York Trip – Part 5 (Last part)

“If you’re always thinking about the things you could do or would do then you’re not actually doing the doing. So stop thinking and start doing! Disappointment can only come from thinking about what you could or would do! Live, dream and most importantly DO.”

Our trip has finally ended! It has been a good 5 days away from work and away from everything else. Experiencing the east coast weather was definitely the highlight of our entire trip. Snow, rain, cold, coffee, wet socks, food, etc… were the words that constantly came out of our mouth! But everything was definitely worth it! New York, you’ve been good to us! We will definitely come back and visit soon but only after I finish planning my trips for this year… but then again, plans always change, so we’ll see…

Day 5 – February 28, 2010
– Woke up late!!! We got up around noon and we were supposed to get up around 8am so we can at least visit the Empire State Building.
– We got ready really fast and skipped the Empire State Building and went straight to the Grand Central to meet our friends Cindy and Vince.
– Destination…. Little Italy!
– We got lost and so we walked an extra mile to get to our destination.
– After walking for 30 mins, we finally met with our friends.
– They showed us around Little Italy. I noticed that Italian restaurants have “sales” man standing outside their doors to bring in customers. Some of them are really entertaining.. One of them should seriously consider stand up comedy! I forgot his jokes but he made me laugh….but then again, I’m a happy person and I laugh at everything 🙂
– The time is already 2:00PM and our flight is at 6:15… We really need to rush and find a good place to eat!
– Cindy took her iPhone searched for nearby restaurants and sorted it by ratings! She found a place that’s 2 blocks away from our current location. *Clicked Navigate* iPhone GPS started to direct us to the place…
– Found the place and quickly ordered so we can move on to other places…
– The food was delicious! I ordered some green pasta.. I forgot what they’re called but it was good! umm umm…good..
– After an hour, I suggested that we have some Gelato…. so we had to walk about 4 blocks to go to this really good bakery/ice cream place.
– Ordered our Gelato and started walking towards Lombardi’s pizza.
– DId I mention that the weather that day was cloudy and in the high 20’s? oh and with a little bit of wind, maybe 10mph.
– After walking a couple of blocks, I started getting cold and my hands were starting to get numb. But I did not want to throw away my Gelato!… in short, I finished it but my body started shaking!… “My mind was telling me No….but my body….my body was telling me yes!!!” – I don’t know why I started singing that song in my head.. lol. For those of you that are lost in the sauce like a meatball… that was R Kelly. lol
– We finally got to Lombardi’s and got seated right away…Ordered our pizza and waited…
– after 5 minutes, our orders came but I wasn’t really that excited to eat the pizza since we just ate.. It has only been 30 minutes since our last meal! lol.. but somebody wanted to eat at Lombardi’s *cough*myson*cough*… I can’t mention his name but *cough*myson*cough*. lol.. I’m kidding dude, we all wanted to try it! haha
– After 20 mins, we decided that we needed to get back to our hotel so we can head to the airport.
– We said our goodbyes to our friends.. Cindy and Vince, take you guys for taking your time out of your busy schedules to take us out! We enjoyed your company and we hope to visit you guys soon! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almendras brothers for making this trip possible. They arranged everything from booking the plane ticket and hotel reservations to our daily itinerary. Thanks guys!.. *sniff sniff* haha.
– The time is now 5PM and we just got back to the hotel to gather our luggage.
– Got in the cab and asked the driver to take us to airport as quickly as possible.
– Our driver was Haitian and he was very entertaining! He had all kinds of story from when he was single to the time of his marriage. He gave us lessons about women. He basically said that the longer you are married, the less time you spend time talking. haha. He said that women always win the argument! He reminded me of something that Chris Rock had said from one of his shows. – Chris Rock talking about Married life. LMAO. See below

Anyway, LOL.. Let me finish what I was saying…

– Finally got to the airport and checked in…
– Waited for 10 mins and boarded the plane.. Our flight is about 6 hours! sigh….
– 2 hours on the flight, I heard somebody snoring… I looked back and it was Edgar. LMAO… IT WAS FREAKIN’ LOUD!
– Landed in Burbank and went home :(… ahhhh.. what a fun trip!

If you haven’t seen the pics I’ve taken from the trip. Click the albums below:

New York Trip – Part 1

New York Trip – Part 2

New York Trip – Part 4

“What is the most important thing in life? Necessity. People do whatever is most necessary to them at any given moment.”

Our trip was nearly ending and we still had so much grounds to cover. We wanted to wake up early but our body did not want to move out of the bed. Andrew even tried to wake us up as he was trying to get our tickets ready for the following day’s trip back to L.A. As I recall, he woke us up around 10am.

Anyway, we planned on going to one of the most depressing site of NY, Ground Zero. The place where 7 world trade centers used to stand. We also planned on going to Brooklyn Bridge since it’s just a few blocks away from Ground Zero.

Day 4 – February 27, 2010
– Woke up around Noon. Even though we had enough sleep, we still felt really tired.
– The snow finally stopped falling but it was still cold outside. I think it was around 30 degrees.
– And to get our day started, we had……………………….not coffee. Instead, we had lunch!
– We decided to go to the Grand Central Terminal dining area as one of our friends had suggested that serve some really good food.
– Edgar and I decided to have Indian food and let me tell you…… the curry was just delicious! The chicken tasted like chicken.. like how it’s supposed to!
– Myson and Andrew had some Cuban sandwiches. They gave up rice for lent. Too bad guys! You had to sit next to us enjoying our curry with rice!
– After eating, on our way back to up to the substation, a man in his 50’s asked us if we were tourist.. Geesh, I don’t know what gave him that idea but I was thinking it was my camera. I was taking pics of every corner of the station. LOL.
– Anyway, he showed us a really cool thing right underneath the station by the dining area on Lexington and 42nd. It’s called the “Whispering Wall”. Basically, he asked me and Myson to stand in opposite corners of the large arched entryway. He told us to face the corner and whisper……..WOW!!!! I heard his voice as if he was right next to me!
– Because we were both excited, we called Andrew and Edgar told them about the cool thing we learned! We all went to our separate corners and started whispering. LMAO. Imagine four grown men standing in 4 corners faced against the wall whispering. Hahaha.
– And off we go to ground zero!
– After a 20 minute ride, we finally arrived at the WTC location. First thing we noticed was the new building! It looks really good.
– After walking down the steps and on the street. We met a very nice gentleman holding books and a tip jar. We originally thought that he was a regular bum but later learned that he was actually one of the survivors.

“We met a gentleman in his 60s while looking at ground zero and he stood out of the crowd because he was loud and wanted to be heard. He looked at us and asked “How many buildings are there in the World Trade Center?? How many?” Myson answered: Seven! There were 7 buildings! The man approached us with a smile and said, “Correct! There were 7 buildings! 
Him: Where are you guys from?
Us: We’re from L.A.
Him: My west coast people!!! I am glad that you guys know this as some people who live in NY don’t even know that there were 7 buildings. They’ve always thought there were only 2.
After telling us a brief history of the WTC’s and what had happened. He told us that on 9/11 at 8:46am, he was working in the building next to the twin towers. When the first building was hit, his gut instinct automatically told him to get out of the building and go pic up his son from school. He hurriedly left the building and ran towards the Brooklyn Bridge. By this time, I can see and feel the man’s emotions and I just gave my undivided attention (For those that know me, it is really hard for me to do this. lol. I tend to go from one topic to the next and interrupt with questions. haha – but this time was different). He then continued his story when he heard the next attack and he noticed that a lot of people were going towards Manhattan and they were going underground to take the subway. During that time, all trains were halted to a complete stop and so people were trapped and had nowhere to go. When people panic, some know exactly what to do but most people freeze and breaks down. He then told us the worst part… When the building collapsed, a lot of people were underground and as we all know, these underground tunnels were not built as a bomb shelter. I think you guys know what happened there is no need for me to go into details. The man was in tears and I closed to giving in but I had to control myself.. I was in public! lol. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the man’s story and he thanked us for listening to him and to keep “representin’ westcoast”.. lol.. His exact same words, I swear!. “

– After listening to the nice gentleman, we went to ground zero preview site where they have a nice model of what the WTC would look like in the future.
– By this time, we were tired and needed coffee. So, we headed over to Starbucks and learned about the earthquake that hit Chile and the Tsunami that is going to hit Hawaii and other countries near the Pacific.
– We then walked to Brooklyn Bridge to take some pics. We only went to the first arched foundation since they all looked the same anyway. lol
– After about an hour, we decided to head back to our hotel to get some rest since we are going to have a long night.
– After resting for a few hours…. We met up with Amy and Marc to have dinner at a nice hidden Japanese restaurant called “Saka Gura”.
– After dinner, we decided to walk to a bar a few blocks away and had a few drinks. At first I thought I was at the MTV show “Jersey Shore”. People were fist pumping all over the place!.. I gotta say though, the music was good that I started doing it too! I was dressed for it!… Tight shirt that I got from baby gap.. it was size 6-12 months.. lol.. I sporting a spike hair and got a nice tan.. All I needed was to find a dolled up girl to dance with me and it was Jersey Shore dance off!… here’s what I noticed though.. Why is it that men that work out tend to wear the smallest shirts! I saw this guy picking his shirt at baby gap!….. okay I didn’t, but it would have been funny! lol.
– After a night of drinking, we decided to have some pizza at some place a few doors down the bar.
– After dinner, we decided to call it a night and go back to the hotel.

I have one more day to blog, so keep checking back! Goodnight 🙂

Click the album below to view our pics: Part 1 and Part 2

New York Trip – Part 1
New York Trip – Part 2

New York Trip – Part 3

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

So I finally finished editing the pictures from the NY trip. I think I spent about 10 hours editing those pics or maybe less, lol.

Day 3:
– Woke up and it was still snowing. 
– Got ready, put plastic bags in our shoes…lol. Ghetto but it works! (We couldn’t find rainboots for men! They all had pattern on them. I was going to get the Zebra patterned boots but the lady wouldn’t sell it to me :(.. haha) – Went to Starbucks to get our daily caffeine fix.
– We started looking for a place to eat nearby our hotel and found a Thai restaurant.
– The food wasn’t that good.. I still liked the Thai restaurants here in LA.
– After eating, we started walking towards 5th Avenue and it is freezing!
– I really got shutter happy this day and took a lot of pics! There was so much stuff to to see!
– Then we got a call from Vince and he invited us over to his place. (He lives with his gf, Cindy… Thank you guys for showing us around town.)
– His place is nice! You can see Central park, Jersey and Time Square from his rooftop.
– Went to Central Park and just walked around to see the beautiful scenery.
– I took a couple of panoramic shots of Central park (I posted them in Part 1)
– After about an hour, our hands were freezing and we needed to go somewhere to keep us warm.
– Cindy and Vince decided to take us to Angelo’s Pizza. The best pizza i’ve ever had!
– We didn’t want to eat a lot since we are also meeting my friend’s cousin for Dinner at 9. We finished eating around 8. lol.
– Walked to Broadway and something.. Close to Radio City.
– After walking for 30 minutes, a plate of food doesn’t sound so bad.
– We met up with Amy, Marc and their beautiful daughter Trinity.
– Went to a Brazilian restaurant and stayed there for about an hour or so, then we decided to have some dessert.
– On our way to the place to get dessert, we walked on Broadway and saw this guy with a bunch of girls taking pictures with him. I didn’t know who he was but for some reason, the little girl in me started screaming and my man body didn’t know how to react but to approach him a take a pic with him!. LOL. I found out later that it was Corbin Bleu, a star from High School Musical. I gave him an excuse that it was for my sister but the truth is…. it was for the little girl in me. LMAO.
– Myson and Andrew got jealous so they both decided to take a pic with him.. I guess everyman has a little girl in them screaming to get out. lol
– Back to my story…. after walking 10 blocks we finally ended up at the place. (it was on 3rd and 36th i think?)
– I got a slice of a very chocolaty chocolate cake! I couldn’t finish it and I was feeling guilty eating it. lol
– By this time, I think it was already 1am so we all decided to call it a night.
– Walked back to our hotel and rested…. ahhh, what a day… ZZZzzzzz….

Check back soon, I have 2 more days to cover.

Click the pic below to go to my Album (NY Trip – Part 2)

New York Trip – Part 2

New York Trip – Part 2

View from the Brooklyn Bridge
“Never judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. That way, if you piss them off, they’re a mile away and they’re barefoot.”
I am still in the process of editing the pictures but I just wanted to blog about our 2nd day before I forget and also share one of my favorite pictures. (see image above)
Day 2:
Woke up around 8am and it was snowing!!! It was reported that 17 inches of snow dropped before 8am! We were excited and got dressed in a hurry. We were going to see the statue of liberty.
– Went out, walked to Starbucks to get our day started.
– Went to the Grand Central Terminal and got on the train to Battery Park.
– We got off the train and it was still snowing with a little rain. Our shoes are now getting wet and my socks got wet. 
– On our way to ferry, we got approached by a man in a raincoat and this is how the conversation went: 
Him: Hey guys, are you going to see the statue of liberty?
Us: Yes!
Him: okay, that’s gonna be $13 each
Us: *Thinking* Is he trying to hustle us?
Myson: How much is it inside?
Him: It’s the same
Andrew: Do you accept cards?
Him: Yes I do *pulls out a credit card machine*
Me: *laughed* What else do you have there? Where’s your booth? Man, they’re making you work hard out here man. What else are you selling? You got coffee? 
Him: Hahahaha.. Man, you are funny.
– He seriously looked like a bum! lol.
– Security inspection was ridiculous! an inconvenience but it’s for everyone’s own safety.
– Roamed around the statue, played in the snow, took pics, ate and bought souvenirs.
– Our socks are wet!.. 
– We missed the last boat to Ellis Island! arggg.. 
– We were really tired so we went back to our hotel and got some rest.
– After getting some rest, we got ready and headed down to the lobby and met a friend that recently moved to NY.
– We went to Lower East Side to have some ramen.. Ippundo NY has the best ramen!
– The wait time was over an hour for the ramen so we decided to have some hot dogs from Crips (it’s a hole in the wall type of place but it was good!
– Here’s the crazy part! In the hot dog place, there’s a phonebooth and when you pick up the phone, somebody will answer and door in the phone booth will open! Through that door is a bar! It’s supposed to be a secret! Speaking of secrets, why do people with bad breath always have secrets? They always want to get close to you! lol
– We finally finished eating so we decided to hit up a few bars. 
– Walked in a snowstorm and it was fun! This was probably the reason why we didn’t get drunk even though we drank a lot.
– After hitting a few bars, we decided that it’s now time to end the night and get some rest for the next day.
To be continued… Day 3, 4 and 5 will soon follow!

New York Trip – Part 1

“When you were born, you were crying and everyone else around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re smiling and everyone else is crying”

New York trip was definitely a success! We covered so many places in very little time, thanks to NY’s fine subway system. It was an experience for all of us since it was our first time in NY. One thing I noticed is that people don’t follow street signs. Green means walk, yellow means walk faster and red means Run! lol. Oh, and New Yorkers are really friendly!

Day 1:
– Still in Burbank, we arrived at the Burbank airport at 6am. Ate a breakfast burrito and boarded the plane.
– Sat in the back of the plane but couldn’t sleep. We were too excited to fall asleep so we made noises and kept ordering food and beverages. The flight attendant kept asking us if we needed anything else since every time she walks by we ask for something. haha

– Finally arrived at the airport and got a cab to our hotel (Hotel Hemsley NY on 42nd and 3rd). We each had our own bed to be comfortable and we are thankful that we did.
– It was around 30 degrees and a little windy.
– The hotel is newly renovated and the staff were really friendly.

– Walked to Time Square and ate at Brooklyn Diner. That placed sucked! It was expensive too.
– We decided to walk back to our hotel to get some rest so we can hit up a few bars.
– Woke up around 10:30 and got ready. Me and Myson tried to call Andrew but he fell asleep. So we decided to go to a bar nearby.
– Went to a bar called “Flannagans” – not sure if that’s how it’s spelled. We had a good time. Bar tender gave us a shot of Red Label…
– Got hungry and looked for places to eat but everything was closed.
– We ended up at Wendy’s. haha..
– And we saw steam coming out of the man hole. lol.. Things we see in movies! Yey!

Here’s a link to the NY pics. I haven’t uploaded everything as I needed to edit every single one of them. I took about a thousand pics 🙁 So keep checking my blog.

New York Trip – Part 1


Wine Tasting @ Solvang, CA

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”


I figured I’d start with a quote since yesterday was Valentine’s day. 🙂 The last time I went to Solvang was 7 years ago, nothing really changed in that little village except for maybe the ridiculously priced cookies!!! $3 each for a cookie that is a little bit bigger than a fortune cookie!!!

I don’t drink wine but I really enjoyed wine tasting on Saturday. It wasn’t the wine that I really enjoyed, it was the company of friends that I really enjoyed (awwww…). It doesn’t really matter where we go, as long as I am with my friends, I am happy. — I have a toothache now… this is so sweet.. haha..

Sometimes when I’m bored, I send my friends text messages that goes like this:
Me: Knock Knock
Them: Who’s there?
Me: It’s me…your friend, John.. I just wanted to let you know that i’ll always be here for you. LMAO.

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Wine Tasting @ Solvang

The pictures below are the ones that I really like:

Chicago Trip

Since I really don’t have anything to talk about right now. I figured, I’d talk about my trip to Chicago a few months back.

I’ve always been a fan of Michael Jordan so Chicago is one of the cities that I really wanted to visit. Back in September, I finally had a chance to visit this beautiful city and at the same hang out with a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in 15 years.

Chicago is a really nice city with lots of history. The first thing I noticed was that the streets were named after our past Presidents.

Three places I wanted to visit: Willis Tower (Sears Tower), Michael Jordan Statue, and the Millennium Park.

On top the Willis Tower:

United Center:

Millennium Park:
That’s it for now!

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