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New York Trip – Part 2

View from the Brooklyn Bridge
“Never judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. That way, if you piss them off, they’re a mile away and they’re barefoot.”
I am still in the process of editing the pictures but I just wanted to blog about our 2nd day before I forget and also share one of my favorite pictures. (see image above)
Day 2:
Woke up around 8am and it was snowing!!! It was reported that 17 inches of snow dropped before 8am! We were excited and got dressed in a hurry. We were going to see the statue of liberty.
– Went out, walked to Starbucks to get our day started.
– Went to the Grand Central Terminal and got on the train to Battery Park.
– We got off the train and it was still snowing with a little rain. Our shoes are now getting wet and my socks got wet. 
– On our way to ferry, we got approached by a man in a raincoat and this is how the conversation went: 
Him: Hey guys, are you going to see the statue of liberty?
Us: Yes!
Him: okay, that’s gonna be $13 each
Us: *Thinking* Is he trying to hustle us?
Myson: How much is it inside?
Him: It’s the same
Andrew: Do you accept cards?
Him: Yes I do *pulls out a credit card machine*
Me: *laughed* What else do you have there? Where’s your booth? Man, they’re making you work hard out here man. What else are you selling? You got coffee? 
Him: Hahahaha.. Man, you are funny.
– He seriously looked like a bum! lol.
– Security inspection was ridiculous! an inconvenience but it’s for everyone’s own safety.
– Roamed around the statue, played in the snow, took pics, ate and bought souvenirs.
– Our socks are wet!.. 
– We missed the last boat to Ellis Island! arggg.. 
– We were really tired so we went back to our hotel and got some rest.
– After getting some rest, we got ready and headed down to the lobby and met a friend that recently moved to NY.
– We went to Lower East Side to have some ramen.. Ippundo NY has the best ramen!
– The wait time was over an hour for the ramen so we decided to have some hot dogs from Crips (it’s a hole in the wall type of place but it was good!
– Here’s the crazy part! In the hot dog place, there’s a phonebooth and when you pick up the phone, somebody will answer and door in the phone booth will open! Through that door is a bar! It’s supposed to be a secret! Speaking of secrets, why do people with bad breath always have secrets? They always want to get close to you! lol
– We finally finished eating so we decided to hit up a few bars. 
– Walked in a snowstorm and it was fun! This was probably the reason why we didn’t get drunk even though we drank a lot.
– After hitting a few bars, we decided that it’s now time to end the night and get some rest for the next day.
To be continued… Day 3, 4 and 5 will soon follow!